About Amir-Alalam Hospital Complex

Amir Alam hospital complex is the second oldest hospital in Tehran after sina hospital. It was established in 1944 by the efforts of Dr. Amir Alam. Earlier this hospital in 1917 was used to be a maternity hospital. The hospital gradually expanded and in 2016 was changed to Amir Alam hospital complex specialty and subspecialty Hospital. Amir Alam Hospital Complex has several buildings that includes, the New Amir Alam Building, the Old Amir Alam Building and Marvasti Hospital. The new Amir Alam and the Old Amir Alam buildings are in Sa'adi Street and Marvasti Hospital is in Neufe le Chateau Street.

 The hospital has several departments including ear, nose and throat, the internal medicine (Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Hematology and oncology, infectious diseases, Nephrology, neurology, cardiology...) ، General surgery, plastic surgery, pathology, Radiology, anesthesia.

Amir Alam Hospital Complex has 350 inpatient beds, 39 beds for special patients, 20 emergency beds, 17 operating room beds, 28 ICU beds and 11 CCU beds.

On average in the first six months of 2016, more than 70 thousand people have visited the hospital's emergency department, of which more than 25 thousand people have been admitted and hospitalized in different medical wards of this hospital complex.

The international patients will be hospitalized on the 7th floor of the new building of the complex in Sadaf ward and on the 2nd floor of Marvasti Hospital.

Human resource number:

Currently 800 people are working in this hospital, of them 55 physicians are faculty members of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The hospital has several educational departments.

Head of the wards and departments are:

Dr. Manouchehr Gharooni: Full professor of cardiology

Dr. Mohammadtaghi Khorsandi Ashtiani: Full professor of ENT

Dr. Mahmoud Eshaghhoseini: Associate professor of gastrointestinal and liver disease

Dr. Mehrdad Hasibi: Full professor of infectious disease

Dr. Jalal Rezaei: Associate professor of surgery

Dr. HasanTavakolli: Associate professor of surgery

Dr. Masoud Motosaddi Zarandi: Associate professor of ENT

Dr. Afshar Etemadi: Associate professor of anesthesiology

Dr. Hashem Sharifian: Associate professor of radiology

Dr. Yazdani: Associate professor of pathology

Number of students:

68 residents and 55 interns participates in different fields.

Educational state:

The hospital has several educational departments including ear, nose and throat, the internal medicine (...) ، General surgery, plastic surgery, pathology, Radiology, anesthesia.

Special workshop:

Temporal bone educational work shop

The most active work shop in IRAN

Number of training courses: 48

Number of int. courses: 7

Attending in APON congress

Submitted articles:

276 article and 8 Printed books

Medical Wards of the Hospital:

The most important and famous medical department of Amir Alam Hospital complex is the otorhinolaryngology.  This medical ward includes several wards like: Special ward for Head and Neck Surgery, Snoring clinic, olfactory clinic and Sinus Endoscopy Clinic.  As the hospital is a referral head & neck center, our Anesthesiologist are expert in difficult intubations

 The internal medicine department of Amir Alam hospital with over 60 years old is one of the oldest departments of the Tehran university of medical sciences (including Cardiology, Rheumatology, Gastrointestinal and Liver disease, Endocrinology, Hematology and Oncology, Infectious diseases, Nephrology, Neurology).  Every year many residents, in addition to first line course, spend their rotational courses here.

 In addition, this hospital has the educational department of pathology which is one of the most active pathology centers in the university with an annual acceptance of nearly 8000 specimens, mostly in the field of Head and Neck surgery, that is the reason why this section has turned to one of the specialized center in head and neck pathology in the country.

 Plastic surgery department is active since 1335 in Amir Alam hospital and after 10 years, general surgery ward was added to this department.

Imaging center of Amir–A’alam hospital affiliated to TUMS, is among the oldest educational center of this university & Iran. As the hospital is a referral head & neck center, radiologists are expert in the field of head & neck radiology as a subspecialist.

All medical services in the above-mentioned listed fields will be provided to international patients.