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Our Global Patient Services department has a dedicated finance team that will assist you in understanding your financial responsibilities and paying your medical bills.
Here are the most common ways you can pay for health care services at Amir-Allam Hospital complex:

Health Insurance: If your insurance policy covers services at Amir-Allam Hospital complex you may want to use insurance to pay for your healthcare.

Self-pay: You will pay for your healthcare yourself using one of the acceptable forms of payment.

Embassy-sponsored: Your embassy will pay for your healthcare services.

We will discuss your payment preference with you when you call to schedule your appointment.

Full payment is required before we can provide any medical services. Acceptable forms of payment include

     Cash (U.S. dollars, Euro, I.R. Rials)

Traveler’s checks

Visa, MasterCard


Before you leave Amir-Allam Hospital complex, you will be scheduled for an exit interview with a financial counselor to review the charges from your completed appointments and discuss any additional pending charges

If you are a self-paying patient, we will give you an estimate of your medical care costs before you have your first appointment, or are admitted to Amir-Allam Hospital complex.

Estimates include all of the procedures and services you will receive.

Estimates do not include any incidental charges such as hotel, transportation, and phone calls.

If you need additional treatment that is not included in the original estimate, you may need to arrange for additional payment before receiving those services.

You will be required to pay the full estimated amount before receiving any medical services.
Your final bill cannot be calculated until after your treatment at Amir-Allam Hospital complex. Your final bill may vary substantially from the estimate you received, based on any changes in your medical treatment.

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