The Cardiology Clinic offers the following services to pediatric patients with various heart conditions:

ECG Testing

This is a simple test that records your child’s heartbeats.  Thirteen stickers are applied to your child's chest, arms and legs.  Leads (insulated wires), which are connected to a machine with a screen, are then connected to each sticker.  This test can take a minimum of 5 minutes if your child is relaxed, cooperates and stays still for the time needed.

Echocardiogram (Echo)

This is an examination of the heart by ultrasound.  There is no radiation or risk involved in the procedure.  It is used to detect structural and functional abnormalities, enlargement or inflammation of the heart, and other conditions. The test takes approximately 45 minutes. Holter Monitor This is a 24 hour recording of your child’s heartbeats, which is useful for assessing suspected abnormalities of the heart rhythm.  Three stickers are applied to your child’s chest and connected to a recorder about the size of a deck of playing cards.  Your child cannot take a bath or shower while the recorder is on, but otherwise should engage in normal daily activities.

Exercise (Stress) Test

An exercise test allows us to evaluate the response of your child’s heart to exercise.  For this test, your child will need running shoes, loose clothing and a bottle of water.  Your child is connected to 10 ECG stickers and a blood pressure cuff will be applied on one arm to monitor blood pressure.  Your child will start off with a slow walk on the treadmill and then gradually increase the pace to running for as long as they can.  After running, a cool down recovery period is observed. The test will take approximately 45 minutes.