Submitting Request online

If you choose to request a medical opinion online, please complete our online inquiry form. As soon as it is received, you will be contacted by an international healthcare services executive, who will guide you through the process and also assist with all arrangements relating to your visit to our hospital


There are some easy steps from now to visiting Ami-Allam Hospital

Step 1: Complete the Medical Opinion/Appointment Request Form

So that we can select the right specialist for your case, you will be asked to complete an Inquiry Form, which will give us information about your medical concerns, how to contact you, and the preferred date for your appointment. It is important that you complete all the information requested in order to expedite this process.


Step 2: Medical Report, Films, and Pathology Slides

After submitting the request form via fax or e-mail, you will be asked to send, via courier, a medical report (in English), related films (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound) and pathology slides, as and if applicable

Please send your medical reports and films to this contact

International Healthcare Service
Amir-Allam Hospital

Sa’adi street, Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98
Fax: +98

Step 3: Appointment Confirmation
Once the appointment request form and your medical report are received, the international healthcare executive will confirm your appointment. Please be sure to provide accurate and clearly written information on how we may contact you via electronic mail, telephone or fax